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INC Pest takes care of all pest control needs for homes, offices, F&B businesses, Pre-school/Childcare Centres, Nursing Homes, Vessels and many more. INC Pest implements Innovative solutions to Neutralise each pest infestation while exercising Care to protect your property, business and our environment.
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About Us

INC pest is an elite Singapore-based pest management company. We began servicing Singapore’s pest control needs in 2014, then proceeded to expand our services in  Shanghai.

As an INC Pest client, you can leave the work to us and be guaranteed efficient and effective pest control results, at an affordable cost. INC Pest is here to take care of you. We are proud to be one of the leading pest control companies in Singapore providing quality pest control service to residents and businesses all around the island.


Responsibility to Client and Environment

INC Pest service staff are committed to enforcing pest control responsibly and accurately. Every dosage is administered carefully to minimize environmental impact, and yet stay effective.

Developing Immunity

It is important to curb and control pests from developing immunity to pesticides.

In the case of pests developing immunity to certain pesticides, INC Pest will revise our treatment for the individual client case and replace relevant pesticides, to achieve best results.

Pest Control Services

INC Pest takes care of all your home pest control needs, whether you need indoor or outdoor pest control. We have you protected. Rodent control, bedbug treatment, termite control, ant and termite control treatment. We are a professional exterminator company and take your health and hygiene seriously.


Ants are typically present wherever food is present. Can be trouble when they find your food source – where you store food at home. Keep ants away from your home as much as possible by storing food cleanly and appropriately in containers and refrigerators. Clean up after eating, cover up all rubbish bins, sweep up any food crumbs. To effectively get rid of an ant infestation, one must pinpoint the source and clear their nests.

Subterranean Termite

Termites are potentially the pests that are most destructive to buildings and homes. There are over 200 species of termites, with the Coptotermes species being the primary one damaging properties. These “white-looking ants” flourish and sustain their colony by eating wood, therefore are commonly found in dark, damp structural places. Things to watch out for are mud tubes that they form on walls, hollow sounding wood that are originally solid. Termites reside in massive armies and are incredibly difficult to get rid of on your own, so be sure to consult a professional pest control team to assess and deal with the situation.


Only female mosquitoes bite. Mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water where they can lay their spawn. They also can carry and transmit diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. You can prevent mosquitoes from invading your home with mosquito netting, consistently removing stagnant water from plant pot bases and corners, change water in tanks and clear drains. Always do thorough checks, especially at damp areas of the house. If the condition is out of control, always request for a professional to execute fogging and checks at your home.


They are almost impossible to catch at times, and can squeeze through the smallest crevices. Cockroaches can live for a few days to a month with no food, so even though you don’t see them, does not mean they aren’t there. Cockroaches are almost impossible to eliminate, but there are some ways you can prevent further breeding by cleaning their popular spots in the home, for example the stove, kitchen surfaces, rubbish areas and dining spots. If uncontained, these pests can breed behind walls and habitually contaminate your home.


Bedbugs are typically more active at night, and feed on blood. Symptoms include skin rashes and bites. Adult bedbugs are light brown to reddish-brown with a flat body. Getting rid of bedbugs is not easy and is best left to professional exterminators. However for home remedies, you can keep bedbugs at bay by exposing your bedding to sunlight at least once every week. If the problem persists, a professional can help to pinpoint the root of the problem and solve it effectively.


Attracted to odors and smells, good or bad. Carry bacteria and germs and put your food left in the open at risk of contamination. Always cover exposed food and water, and cover rubbish bins. Clean up after pets, especially when they have faecal matter around the house. Flies can breed anywhere with food and leave maggots, their young.


Able to damage sealed food items and household items. Also able to transmit deadly diseases to humans. . Prevent rat infestation as much as possible by securing food items in and out of your home. Ensure bins and plastic bags with food waste are securely fastened before disposal, even if it’s just outside your door. Keep your house decluttered as much as possible and clean up messes right after they happen. Rats also can destroy materials around the property they infest.

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